Living the life of one’s own

In her famous essay, “a room of one’s own,” Virginia Wolf argued that women should have a room of their own in which to create and nurture a space of their own. This, after all, the privilege granted to gentlemen for centuries–they read and wrote in their study.

So following that train of thought, I believe that not only do we all, men and women, deserve a room of their own, but also a life of their own. That means, a life unperturbed by the expectations of others or the taboos/stereotypes imposed by the culture/society.

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Karo & Victor

My husband, Victor Tsaran, and I have just been featured at
From Youtube: “What an inspiring couple! These are two people from whom we can learn what COLORS of life is all about. They are visually impaired but that does not deter them from being what they wanted to be! Victor Tsaran is a Sr. Accessibility Program Manager at Yahoo!, singer, writer and a Guitar whiz. and Karo is a holistic life coach, writer and researcher at LifeinJoy.”
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