Before the Storm: A Translation


I’ve been translating Michel Houellebecq’s poetry and just thought to share one of his poems that I found the most exquisite. It is as short as the moment he captures, the time just before the storm. Enjoy!

The fine and delicate texture of clouds
Has dissolved behind the trees;
The blur that precedes the storm breaks out–
Beautiful is the sky,  marled like a marble piece.

2011: A year of Flowers

Victor and I were very fortunate to see flowers year round–from Maine to San Francisco to Seoul. Sometimes they were staring at us from the ground, sometimes we wore them, sometimes they were peaking from a painting or a mural. In any form, they were a link that tied other moments shared in the picture.

It is not that there were no enjoyable moments with friends, but I did not want to post anyone’s pictures without their permission. So the picture is a bit skewed. 🙂

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