A Sweet Interlude

white chocolate

While browsing theĀ Narrative, a cool, innovative, literary magazine, I came across this beautiful piece of writing. I am quoting from an essay by Aleksandra Crapanzano, entitled The Magic Piano:

The piano was a masterpiece. A dark chocolate body so smooth it glistened. It should have been on a stage. White chocolate keys, minor notes of a chocolate so dark as to be almost black, foot pedals brushed in gold leaf. The lid of the piano was propped open on a thin chocolate rod, revealing an interior of milk-chocolate mousse so light it vanished on my tongue, leaving an echo, sublime and pure, that lingers even thirty years later.

I just love how she blends the description of the piano with the description of chocolate. Creative and beautiful!
Btw, you have to subscribe to the Narrative to read the magazine, but the subscription is free.
Have a sweet day!