In Pursuit of Her Dreams: A Woman’s Bargain with Fate

Women’s Ways of Knowing
by Mary Field Belenky at al

In grad school, I had to read a book called Women’s Ways of KnowingCrazy and too feminist, I thought before I picked it up. Once I began reading, I fell in love with it. The authors explored various ways in which, due to cultural and social expectations, women gain their knowledge and understanding of the world. The book turned out to be very empowering, since the authors showed how over time, women consciously chose the way they perceived and responded to the world. For instance, they could have began their journey with so-called received knowledge (they learned the information they were given without questioning it), but then could, because of a transformative experience, question authority and assert more of their own knowledge. They would become more self-reliant and independent. Continue reading »