Romance with Akashic Records: A Romantic poet’s perspective

pink heartToday was a very special day. I celebrated 14th wedding anniversary with my soulmate, and dived, with the help of an expert, into the Akashic records. Never heard of them? No worries– they’re not a part of the mainstream curricula at mainstream academic institutions, so they do not make up the core knowledge base, the way a theory might, even if it is false or short-lived.

Had there been classes in intuition and/or visualization, perhaps the idea of the Akashic records would not seem so far-fatched. All it is is the reading and interpretation of knowledge accumulated over the centuries of our existence. As an atheist, I do not believe in souls in the religious sense, but rather in the energy and wisdom that is transferred across generations. That’s why our civilization can progress as time goes by.

So there is so much wisdom to gain! I learned, for instance, that I was a Romantic poet in one of my previous existences. This would explain my previously inexplicable and unconditional love for the Romantic poetry. In my lifetime as a poet, I learned that expressing emotions in verses was a powerful tool for myself, and that others appreciated my efforts. “Each word has its own shape and color, like a differently colored yarn,” my Akashic Reader told me. And this is so true for me, since I have synesthesia and see words and letters in different colors (and my Reader had not known this).

So what did I learn? Mostly, not to be ashamed of being a writer/poet, not to downplay it in search of more profitable professions, not to run away from it as I had done over the years in order to try to meet the society’s expectations. Now I know I can trust and indulge my passion for writing. My lesson may seem superficial to those of you who were lucky to pursue your passions early on in life, undisturbed by the expectations of others or by cultural norms, but for me, it has brought profound joy and relief from years of searching. I have now arrived home, to my poetry haven!

And it does not mean abandoning my knowledge and experiences accumulated over the years; it simply means shifting perspective and allowing myself to see things through the prism of poetry. My recipes? Sure, I will post some from time to time, but they may be in verse or some playful rhyme scheme. And I had began working on two books thay entwined life and poetry in various ways.

Thank you, my Akashic Record Reader, for revealing my past wisdom to me!

PS, if it all sounds weired, I just wanted to say that the knowledge of the Akashic records has been transferred and read for generations. And that as we progress into the era of more self-discovery and the more balanced age in which the masculine and feminine ways of knowing are equally valid, the general knowledge of the Akashic records will only increase and become a regular part of holistic healing and learning, the way geography or biology or basic self-care is today.



Karo Caran, the Rainbow Poetess, is a poet and a non/fiction writer. Her novel, "Breaking the silence: A story in paintings" focuses on the censorship of art and gay relationships in the postwar, communist Poland. Her poetry-based memoir, "Life in a Footnotes" will be published this summer.
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11 thoughts on “Romance with Akashic Records: A Romantic poet’s perspective

  1. Caro, It is because you have moved me so with your words about poetry and culture that I read this post with great curiosity and open-mindedness. I would never have thought that you would have doubted yourself – or felt “less than” – for being a poet, but I’m so glad you found trust in yourself through this reading. I have never heard about Akashic reading but you piqued my interest. By the way, I was thinking about synesthesia just yesterday (reallly!) because I heard an interview with a musician who was talking about the colors of musical notes. I know this is a bit different, but it made me remember reading about synesthesia. Would love you to write more about that!

    • And regarding synesthesia, I see the sounds of instruments in colors. So the piano is light yellow, violin is blue, etc. it’s a colorful world out there!!! 🙂

  2. I am honored to read your praise, Judy. Yes, growing up, I felt a sort of veneration for the poets, and perhaps because of that, I thought I could never become one of them. And then of course socio- cultural pressure got in the way: it truly suppressed my desire to plunge into poetry and writing head on, full- time.

  3. One of my favorite things I have done in the last few years is to work regularly with my mentor who is also a certified Akashic Reader. I have discovered so much Soul-Truth about myself that has shifted significant things for me in my personal and business life.

    • That’s great to know, Angie! At least I don’t feel as if I were on a desert island. And in part, I put the info out there to encourage others to experience the reading. So thanks for sharing your story and spreading the word!

  4. Hi Karo –
    I had never heard of Akashic records before. Thank you for introducing such an interesting topic. Can I add my voice to Judy’s and ask for you to write more on synesthesia? I’d love to hear how you discovered this ability and how it impacts they way you listen to music or view things in your daily life.

  5. Hi Susan, sure– I will write more about synesthesia and how I experience it in my next blog entry this upcoming Thursday. I cannot ignore the popular demand! 🙂 and thanks for stopping by my blog!

  6. Dear Karo what a beautiful expression of your reading. As an Akashic Reader I know how powerful the vibration of love is, and I am so glad the Records and your Masters gave you a deeper sense of you. 🙂 Lovely to hear it from your perspective. Would love to hear more about synesthesia.

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