Lemon Love From Dawn To Night: How To Use Lemons Throughout The Day

Beautiful and fresh lemons


So this is a guest post I wrote recently for Extreme Health Radio, a wonderful show and site that focusses on alternative/natural health. I’m quoting the beginning of the article below, and when you click on “read more” you’ll get to my blog on their web site. Enjoy the lemons! They’re o-so-good for ya!

“There are many health benefits associated with lemons: lemons detoxify your body, stimulate the liver function, boost the immune system, to name just a few. But how to use lemons on a daily basis in a way that you don’t have to wonder how to incorporate them into your daily menu? I’ll share with you how a typical day for hubby and myself is filled with lemons. You don’t have to follow exactly what we do, but you’ll have some lemon-infused ideas. You can incorporate the ones that best fit your lifestyle into your daily routine.” Read More



Karo Caran, the Rainbow Poetess, is a poet and a non/fiction writer. Her novel, "Breaking the silence: A story in paintings" focuses on the censorship of art and gay relationships in the postwar, communist Poland. Her poetry-based memoir, "Life in a Footnotes" will be published this summer.
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