The SWAM-BLASTER® line of Micro Abrasive Blasters are complete, accurate and precise. SWAM BLASTER® introduces a defined amount of abrasive powder into a controlled stream of compressed air through the abrasive pathway and out of a selected nozzle tip.

  • SWAM BLASTER®  provides Total Process Control with INDEPENDENTLY adjustable powder flow control and air pressure regulation.
  • When detail is required, the powder flow can be turned down to reduce the amount of powder being introduced into the abrasive pathway thus allowing the use of a very small nozzle tip. For more aggressive requirements, the air pressure, powder flow and the nozzle tip diameter can be increased.
  • Pressure Range: From < 1 psi to 140 psi, special design options for pressure up to 300 psi
  • Abrasive Particles Size Range: Sub-micron level up to 500 microns

Crystal Mark has developed a range of automated systems where SWAM BLASTER® products are integrated in production systems that use conveyor belt based machines, rotary abraders, or 3-axes CNC machines.


EV-2L SWAM BLASTER with TURBO-Station Work Chamber
EV-2L SWAM BLASTER with TURBO-Station Work Chamber

The basic design of the Model EV-2 Micro Abrasive Blaster and the Model EV-2L is an “Economical Version” for the moderate applications with brass fittings throughout the abrasive pathway.


The Model EV-2 has a nozzle range from .007” up to .040”.


For more aggressive applications that require a larger nozzle range, the Model EV-2L offers nozzle range from .018” up to .060”.



SWAM-BLASTER® Models MV-2, MV-2L, MV-241

SWAM BLASTER MV-2 with TURBO-Max Work Chamber
SWAM BLASTER MV-2 with TURBO-Max Work Chamber

The MV Series of SWAM BLASTERS offer “Maximum Versatility” with carbide lined fittings throughout the abrasive pathway. They have the tilting powder tank that is mounted to a hinged plate to allow it to tilt to the side. With the push of a button, the vibrator activates to simply walk the powder out for rapid powder changes.


The optimum nozzle range for the Model MV-2 is from 0.007” up to 0.040”. For more aggressive applications, the Model MV-2L has a nozzle range from 0.018” up to 0.060”.


The Model MV-241 Micro Abrasive Blaster combines the precise ability of the Model MV-2 and the aggressive attitude of the Model MV-2L into one unit. Users have the option to switch the nozzle range between 0.007” up to 0.040”, or from 0.018” up to 0.060”.


SWAM-BLASTER® Models LV-1 and XV-1

Crystal Mark Swam Blasters | LV-1, XV-1
Crystal Mark SWAM Blasters | LV-1, XV-1

The Model LV-1 (Large Volume) Micro Abrasive Blaster is best for operating in production lines and in the SWAM® Automated Systems. It holds approximately 20 pounds of aluminum oxide and has a separate mixing powder tank for a consistent powder feed rate from a full tank to an empty tank.


For applications where the Model LV-1 is not quite enough, the Model XV-1 (XstreamTM Volume) Micro Abrasive Blaster is the solution for the heaviest output requirements.


The Model LV-1 works very well with a nozzle range from .018” up to .060”.


For the Model XV-1, the optimum nozzle range is .032” up to .090”.



Micro SWAM BLASTER™ | AERO-Blaster™
Micro SWAM BLASTER™ | AERO-Blaster™

The AERO-Blaster™ functions by using a rechargeable 6 volt installed battery that runs both the foot pedal and pinch valve.

The only other input required to use AERO-Blaster™ is dry air supply.


It is the smallest of different types of Crystal Mark SWAM BLAST micro abrasive machines, very well suited for small applications that need precision.


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