Pepper nut crackers with broccoli kale pesto

Pepper nut crackers with broccoli kale pesto








Christmas season is usually the time of the year when lots of heavy meals laden with too much unhealthy fats, sugars and carbs are served. I don’t mind indulging in an extra piece of chocolate or an extra helping of a savory dish, so long as it’s healthy and preferably light. Here’s one meal option I eat for lunch or snack, but which can also be a starter for the meal: red pepper and walnut spread (inspired by Kimberly Snyder) and broccoli kale pesto served on raw, gluten-free crackers. It sounds complicated but it literally takes a couple of minutes to make. here’s how:  Continue reading »

Pines and acorns in a pot: A squash soup that enchants not just the forest

Acorn squash soup with leaks and pine nuts


This easy and delicious soup consists of two main ingredients: acorn squash and leeks. Just as I began writing this post, I realized how cool it is to mix an ACORN squash and PINE nuts, things that make me think of the forest, in this green and tasty soup. Perhaps this way it’s easy to remember the recipe. Enjoy!   Continue reading »

Sunshine on your plate: Marinated squash

Marinated squash


I love looking at this bright orange-yelllow or yellowy-orange squash! It can really brighten the dark, fall days. When it’s marinated, it’s very flavorful and I like to keep it in the fridge and add it to salads–my latest fave combination is mixed greens, black olives, soaked walnuts or pecans and the squash. Delish! But let me tell you how easy it is to make the squash taste so flavorful:  Continue reading »

Lemon Love From Dawn To Night: How To Use Lemons Throughout The Day

Beautiful and fresh lemons


So this is a guest post I wrote recently for Extreme Health Radio, a wonderful show and site that focusses on alternative/natural health. I’m quoting the beginning of the article below, and when you click on “read more” you’ll get to my blog on their web site. Enjoy the lemons! They’re o-so-good for ya!

“There are many health benefits associated with lemons: lemons detoxify your body, stimulate the liver function, boost the immune system, to name just a few. But how to use lemons on a daily basis in a way that you don’t have to wonder how to incorporate them into your daily menu? I’ll share with you how a typical day for hubby and myself is filled with lemons. You don’t have to follow exactly what we do, but you’ll have some lemon-infused ideas. You can incorporate the ones that best fit your lifestyle into your daily routine.” Read More

Quinoa stuffed tomatoes: light on your stomach, easy on your hands

Quinoa Stuffed Tomatoes

Photo credits: Iza Skalska


A couple of months ago I was a guest blogger on Wendy Polisi’s blog, Since I’ve got many more followers now, I thought it would not hurt to repost this delicious recipe. 🙂 It’s so light and refreshing, and easy to make.

And if the stuffed tomatoes are to your liking, you can always check my Plantiful App for more inspiration for your soul and enjoyment for your stomach.

Without further ado, here’s an excerpt from my blog entry at When you click “Continue reading” you’ll be magically transported to Wendy’s site where the article resides. Bon appetite!

“In Poland where I grew up, the season for fresh, ripe tomatoes was short–May through September, if my memory serves me right. I loved tomato salads or simply a sliced tomato and scallions served on a piece of bread.” Continue reading…



Basil Walnut Pesto Leaves

Basil Walnut Pesto Leaves

“Ugh!” You might exclaim. “Should I mix walnuts and basil and garlic? I’m used to mixing walnuts and honey or fruits, yeah, that sounds fine, but savory walnuts? Yikes!” These were my very own precious thoughts before I stumbled upon one of my “guru’s” recipes, Kimberly Snyder‘s tacos. And even then I was skeptical until I came across Liana Werner-Gray”s recipe for walnut “meat balls.” I was intrigued. Finally, having fried my brain and running out of ideas for easy meals, I gave up and made the basil walnut mixture that I stuffed into romaine hearts and topped, like my guru, Kim, with salsa. I also added a fresh cucumber, for otherwise it would have rotten right before my eyes. 🙂  Continue reading »