Abandoning shade, becoming sun: shedding taboos on path to truth


And if sun comes
How shall we greet him?
Shall we not dread him,
Shall we not fear him
After so lengthy a
Session with shade?

This is the opening stanza of a poem by Gwendolyn Brooks, and in my mind it paves the way for the discussion of releasing taboos and breaking stereotypes. The “sun” is the “Truth,” which is also the title of the poem and it opposes the untruth, the lies, and the unawareness.  Continue reading »

Sunshine on your plate: Marinated squash

Marinated squash


I love looking at this bright orange-yelllow or yellowy-orange squash! It can really brighten the dark, fall days. When it’s marinated, it’s very flavorful and I like to keep it in the fridge and add it to salads–my latest fave combination is mixed greens, black olives, soaked walnuts or pecans and the squash. Delish! But let me tell you how easy it is to make the squash taste so flavorful:  Continue reading »

Beyond words: Attempts at describing loss

blooming roses

No matter how many times you lose someone or something that you dearly love, the grief is profound and hard to describe. As a writer, I challenge myself to describe various life’s scenarios, some of which I went through, some of which I did not. And I find that describing loss is one of the most difficult things. In the moment of grief, words fail me; in the same way, they fail me when I need to infuse grief into a story. Continue reading »

Lemon Love From Dawn To Night: How To Use Lemons Throughout The Day

Beautiful and fresh lemons


So this is a guest post I wrote recently for Extreme Health Radio, a wonderful show and site that focusses on alternative/natural health. I’m quoting the beginning of the article below, and when you click on “read more” you’ll get to my blog on their web site. Enjoy the lemons! They’re o-so-good for ya!

“There are many health benefits associated with lemons: lemons detoxify your body, stimulate the liver function, boost the immune system, to name just a few. But how to use lemons on a daily basis in a way that you don’t have to wonder how to incorporate them into your daily menu? I’ll share with you how a typical day for hubby and myself is filled with lemons. You don’t have to follow exactly what we do, but you’ll have some lemon-infused ideas. You can incorporate the ones that best fit your lifestyle into your daily routine.” Read More

Petals on a bough: The portrait of the poet & us

Flowers in bloom

The apparition of these faces in the crowd;
Petals on a wet, black bough. — Ezra Pound

“Faces in the crowd” is one thing, but “the apparition of faces in the crowd” is something entirely different: less direct, more refined and fragile. The “apparition” makes the faces look just a bit blurred, just a bit more ephemeral and momentary. Continue reading »

The tale of rainbow stairs


Video by Diren Merdiven)

About two weeks ago, a man painted a set of stairs in beautiful rainbow colors. No one in the neighborhood had liked the grey-colored stars so they enthusiastically embraced the change. Even the newlyweds came to have their photos taken on the colorful stairs. The stairs not only brought joy and smiles, but also symbolized the diversity of the nation. Continue reading »

Quinoa stuffed tomatoes: light on your stomach, easy on your hands

Quinoa Stuffed Tomatoes

Photo credits: Iza Skalska


A couple of months ago I was a guest blogger on Wendy Polisi’s blog, cookingquinoa.net. Since I’ve got many more followers now, I thought it would not hurt to repost this delicious recipe. 🙂 It’s so light and refreshing, and easy to make.

And if the stuffed tomatoes are to your liking, you can always check my Plantiful App for more inspiration for your soul and enjoyment for your stomach.

Without further ado, here’s an excerpt from my blog entry at cookingquinoa.net. When you click “Continue reading” you’ll be magically transported to Wendy’s site where the article resides. Bon appetite!

“In Poland where I grew up, the season for fresh, ripe tomatoes was short–May through September, if my memory serves me right. I loved tomato salads or simply a sliced tomato and scallions served on a piece of bread.” Continue reading…



Brooding on possibilities: How coming to the US has changed my life for ever

Karo brooding

So one of the wonderful fellow bloggers from the amazing Fabulous and Fearless community mentioned their anniversary on Sept. 12th. And it just occurred to me that this was my anniversary as well: 19 years ago (almost 2 decades!) I came to the US to study. And my world was changed for ever, even though I did not realize this at the time. 🙂 Continue reading »